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Author Rosanna Guadavaccaro has written and been featured in articles and live interviews about financial literacy. Check them out below: 


The Author of Peter Saves Series - Books that Help Kids to Learn the Ropes of Finances - Donates any Income Generated from the Book to the Olivia Boccuzzi Foundation (Yahoo! Finance)
Saving for Retirement: 401K vs IRA vs Nothing (NY Metro Parents)
10 Reasons Why Talking To Kids About Money Is More Important Than Ever (Yahoo! Finance)
The hidden cost of childcare (GuardianLife)  
Smart Financial Moves To Prepare For The Birth Of A Child (Madame Noire)


Let’s Talk About The Crazy Cost Of Child Care - Video (Scary Mommy)

Rosanna Guardavaccaro author of Peter Saves For A Rainy Day joins Cheldin Barlatt Rumer (This is It TV)


TIP TUESDAY with JOAN & PRIYA (FollowMe Friday)


Both books have been approved by the Department of Education.